SPECTRUM-39™ The blueprint of your training business

Ever wondered what a high-quality training business looks like and how it operates?

Spectrum-39™ is our unique training provider business implementation model comprising of a framework of 39 unique segments required to plan, operate, manage and monitor your training business efficiently and effectively. It can be applied to any organisation seeking to set up moderate-to-large volume trainee operations and/or smaller niche operations. It is particularly geared towards the Apprenticeship training delivery market and is modelled on years of industry best practice and experience of designing, developing and operating Apprenticeship infrastructures.

Spectrum-39™ is ideal for Employer-Providers and new entrants to the Apprenticeship training marketplace. It has been trialled and tested in virgin-territory organisations in order to assess its robustness as a complete solution for setting up the end-to-end (Apprenticeship) training business infrastructure. The model is designed so that clients have complete control in choosing suppliers and partners that help shape and tailor their Apprenticeship training programmes, whilst receiving hand held, expert facilitation by ITSS advisers to set up the multi-layered infrastructure around:

Leadership & Management




Learning Outcomes

Spectrum-39™ is also an ideal diagnostic tool for identifying and resolving problematic areas in existing training providers.

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