ITSS Delivers Employer Provider Training for the ESFA

In another notable success for ITSS, we have been commissioned to deliver a series of training workshops for Employer Providers until Spring 2020! Employer Providers are organisations that pay the apprenticeship levy and that are looking to design and deliver their own internal apprenticeship training, using in-house resource and training experts. With the new ‘open’ status of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), employers are taking more considered steps both before and after the application process to understand the world of apprenticeships and as such, ITSS has been drafted in to deliver training as part of the decision making and implementation planning process.



ITSS practitioners are experts from the world of apprenticeships, with personal experience of working in all critical roles such as leadership and management, quality assurance, subcontractor management and apprenticeship delivery. Our unique Apprenticeship Training Provider Business Model (Spectrum-39™) can be adapted and systematically installed to create a bespoke apprenticeship training infrastructure for all new Apprenticeship Training and Employer Providers, as well as stress-testing existing infrastructures.


Critical Training

ITSS CEO, Bally Bhogal commented, “This training is critical for employers that are looking to become apprenticeship training providers in their own right or have just got onto the register (RoATP). Employers are generally experts in their own business activities and not in the delivery of apprenticeships. We are therefore delighted to be supporting them with the decision making and planning process, having mobilised other Employer Providers since the levy was established in 2017.”

The training workshops continue until the Spring 2020 and are ‘by invitation only’ from the ESFA.

For more information, contact Bally Bhogal at