ITSS CEO Speaks at the AELP National Conference 2019

Once again, ITSS CEO, Bally Bhogal will be heading to London for the AELP National Conference, this time to speak about Subcontracting within Apprenticeships with particular reference to the hard hitting stuff: Calculating Management Fees!

The momentum around this issue has been building with:

Not enough transparency during the calculation of management fees
Providers ‘staying safe’ within the 20% management fee zone
Rising costs of delivering apprenticeship Standards!

Bally will be covering some of the key requirements for subcontracting within apprenticeships and how to avoid making costly mistakes, including:

1) Why Subcontract in the first place?

2) What are the Subcontracting Funding Rules?

3) Key Subcontracting Pitfalls and Causes of Subcontracting Failure!

4) Some Best Practice Guidelines.

5) The Subcontractor Assurance Controls Audit (SCACA) & Certification.

With the ‘spotlight’ on Subcontractor Management Fees and Charging Policies, Bally will be discussing transparency, accountability, responsibility and value for money within the apprenticeship supply chain system, by exploring:

1. Key Factors of Consideration when Calculating Management Fees.

2. How to Create Best Value within Subcontracting Relationships.

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