ITSS CEO Sets Women’s Business Networking Event “Ablaze”!

ITSS CEO Bally Bhogal was invited to speak at the Access to Business Women’s Business Networking event in Wolverhampton on 26th September, 2018.

The event was organised to inspire other women into starting their own businesses.  On the day, Bally gave the audience a brief summary of her journey to date, including her achievements, the ‘transition’ to self-employment and her day/night businesses.

Bally Bhogal at the Inspiring Women into Business Event

The ITSS CEO covered a range of issues of particular interest to women in business, including the  life-changing moment when ‘one takes the plunge’ into self-employment, the challenges of being a businesswoman, a wife and a mother to two young children, achieving a work-life balance whilst running 2 businesses, a typical day in the office (and in the ‘gym’) and how both businesses complement each other in the area of ‘training’ – one being physical training, the other, professional training.

Bally finished off her inspiring talk with a bang – after a superhero-style quick change, she cranked up the music, dragged her excited audience onto their feet and led them through a quick (and highly energetic) taster of one of her Bhangra Blaze fitness sessions!  Why not hey?!  Just cant be helped….!

     Bally Bhogal Bhangra Blazing at the Inspiring Women into Business event  Attendees dancing to Bhangra at the Inspiring Women into Business event