Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Services.

All great training provision has great quality assurance. There is no getting away from it, the quality of Apprenticeship training is constantly under the microscope and cutting corners is not an option. To truly succeed in Apprenticeships and with Apprenticeships, the quality of programmes you deliver or receive must make a difference to the trainee and the organisation, otherwise their intended purpose is not being achieved.

Under-achieving Apprenticeship programmes highlight a quality issue and to pinpoint such issues, we deploy our qualified internal quality assurers to employers and training providers to:

Help identify problems, blockages, issues and risks

Align training programmes with the business and individual trainee needs

Advise on improvements and plan actions to make the improvements

Provide CPD and training to delivery staff

Liaise with awarding bodies representatives

Undertake sample checks to measure impact, consistency and authenticity

Provide performance reports and feedback to the leadership team

Our IQAs are specialists in:

Business Administration

Customer Services

Leadership & Management

Catering / Food Preparation

Health & Social Care

“So refreshing that the IQA is also talking our language!”

Head of Learning, ITSS Catering Client

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