ITSS Ltd wins major contract with a leading University!

ITSS Ltd wins employer-engagement major contract with a leading University

Advisers at ITSS Ltd are no strangers to the world of funded-training and apprenticeships. With their backgrounds in independent business advice and specialism in apprenticeships and training, they were well placed to win a significant contract with a leading University to conduct employer engagement visits to non-levied employers to raise awareness of apprenticeship funding and development opportunities for existing staff and new starters.

Bally Bhogal, MD, ITSS Ltd said,we are delighted to have won this contract, as we will be working face-to-face with SME employers, gauging their interest in apprenticeships and understanding any objections to the funding available.”

Having written and won non-levy procurement bids for Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) Bally was particularly interested in how Degree Apprenticeships would be received, she continued “we are really excited about Degree Apprenticeships and how they will be received by the market. This is a real game changer and I would never have thought that I would ever see Universities operating within the apprenticeship space in my lifetime, but here we are and we believe this is going to be great for raising aspirations and skills levels within the economy.”