Another Sold-Out ITSS Workshop! Thursday 5th March, 2020

ITSS Deliver Another Sold-Out Workshop for the AELP and ESFA 

An increased interest from apprenticeship-levy paying employers in delivering their own apprenticeship training programmes has resulted in SELL-OUT training workshops, commissioned by the ESFA and delivered by Bally Bhogal, Head of ITSS. The workshops are based on the fundamental requirements of delivering apprenticeship training programmes and best practice around infrastructure, management and compliance.

ITSS (soon to be LX Group Limited), has been delivering the training workshops on behalf of the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) since Autumn 2019 and the feedback from nearly 80 delegates, spanning 50 employers has been 78% Excellent and 22% Good. ITSS, specialises in setting up Employer Providers (the formal term for employers that deliver their own apprenticeships) and has supported over 80 Employer Providers through training workshops, onsite staff development, audits and assessments and infrastructure design and implementation since 2017.

The latest workshop, Programme Delivery Essentials and Quality of Provision, will take place in London on Thursday 5th March and will be delivered by Bally Bhogal in conjunction with Richard Moore of Richard Moore Associates.

“Creating new apprenticeship training providers is a specialty of ours – it’s such an exciting space!” commented Bally. “We love working with employers who want to deliver their own apprenticeships, but who also want to do things right and not cut any corners.” ITSS also deliver training to private training providers and FE Colleges, recognising the significant need to upskill the apprenticeship sector workforce. With so much staff migration (incoming and outgoing) there is renewed focus on training delivery that is practical, based on best practice and immediately useful upon completion.